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Spurin®️ is the Technical Consultancy services offering provided by James Spurin

Published Author (with works viewed in 130+ Countries), Ex-Financial Services Pricipal Lead (Goldman Sachs / Nomura),
Engineer, Advisory Board, Software Developer, Product Evangelist and Technical Advisor

More Information and Availability

Outside of DiveInto, Spurin provides technical and advisory consultancy services.

  • Reference Content: Please see diveinto.com
  • Phone: Available on request
  • City: Chorleywood, UK
  • Education: Masters with Hons
  • Email: consultancy@spurin.com
  • Freelance: Available

James Spurin's Technical Career spans 20+ Years and covers a vast variety of areas including Unix Administration (from Sun Microsystems to Modern Linux), Enterprise Storage, Software Development, Automation, DevOps & Kubernetes, Advisory Board Services, Cloud Computing, Product Evangelism & Developer Advocacy.

Spurin has presented on many topics to a wide variety of audiences ranging from Financial Institutions, Live Online Audiences (1500+). His Technical Content has been viewed in over 130 Countries with over a million minutes of consumption per year. 'Dive Into Ansible' is both a Best Seller and the Highest Rated course for Ansible.

Content creator with professional use of Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Adobe Audition/Illustrator and Photoshop.


A selection of showcased content produced/involving or evangelised by Spurin

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