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Ansible London Meetup 19th March 2019

The Ansible London Meet-up on the 19th March 2019, at the Sainsbury’s headquarters was a fantastic event with great speakers, covering aspects ranging from variable precedence, using the upstream AWX

Python Virtual Environments Masterclass

TL;DRThis tutorial gives a rapid primer of Python Virtual Environments and how to use them in your effectively in your Python programming endeavours. By the end you’ll know how to use Virtual Envir Launched

Today I’ve launched as per my previous post which outlines the process of how I created the site (using Hexo, Hexo-Admin, Hueman Theme, Docker and Github). The site acts as main r


Hello and welcome to the personal site of James Spurin, those of you here may know me for a variety of different reasons. I’ve created this site as a soundboard for different areas that are of inter